Phone Contracts vs. Sim only vs. PAYG


Phone contracts may be the most common option for majority of subscribers in the UK but it isn’t always the best option for everyone. If you’re in the market and you’re unsure whether getting a phone contract is a wise move or not, then it might help to check other types of phone deals. Below are quick overviews of major phone deals available in the UK.

Phone Contracts

Phone contracts or otherwise known as pay monthly contracts are the most popular option available in the market. One of its chief advantages is the free handset. When you opt for a phone contract, you’ll have the option to choose a handset and a phone bundle. You’ll be required to pay a fixed monthly fee usually for 24 months.

Phone contracts are recommended for people who are heavy mobile users since rates on call, text and data are cheaper with contracts.

SIM Only Deals

SIM only deals, on one hand, are deals that only include a SIM card in the plan. You won’t get a handset, which means the fixed monthly fee will be significantly lower than if you opt for a pay monthly contract. With this type of deal, you also get to avail cheaper rates on your phone services. Best of all, there are no lock in periods to worry about.

SIM only deals are recommended for consumers who already own a handset and just want cheaper rates on their call, text and data services.

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Pay as you go or PAYG are deals that do not have any lock in period. Instead you get a handset for an affordable price and an option to top up said handset when needed. With PAYG, you don’t need to worry about fixed monthly fees.

PAYG deals are recommended for people who are light mobile users. To know more about PAYG deals, click here.