How Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contracts Work


If you have bad credit and you can’t get approved for a phone contract because of it, the most common alternative is to apply for a guaranteed mobile phone contract. Like the name suggests, these types of phone contracts are guaranteed regardless of your credit score or bad credit history. If you want to know more about said phone contracts, below is a quick overview about these phone deals:

What are guaranteed phone contracts?

Guaranteed phone contracts work just like traditional phone contracts. You get to choose a handset and a phone bundle. You’ll be paying a fixed monthly fee per month typically for the next 24 months to cover for both the phone and the phone services’ costs. Unlike traditional phone contracts, however, guaranteed phone contract deals might offer less diverse and limited handset choices. These deals are specifically offered for people with bad credit, which means the fixed monthly fees are kept to a minimum as much as possible.?

Guaranteed phone contracts are widely available online with some providers even offering same day approval. Requirements are also pretty basic. As long as you’re of legal age and is a UK resident, you can avail a guaranteed phone contract.

How guaranteed phone contracts work?

As mentioned, guaranteed phone contracts are specifically offered for people with bad credit. If you’ve been refused a phone contract elsewhere, this is a viable alternative at least for now. With a guaranteed phone contract, there are no credit checks to worry about.

Even if you have bad credit or a history of ccjs and default under your belt, you can still expect quick approval provided that you meet the provider’s basic requirements. Since your credit score is not a factor, the fixed monthly fee may be higher than if you avail traditional phone contracts for people with bad credit.