(1). Who are eligible for a guaranteed phone contract?

- At London Phones, we accept applicants with bad credit. As long as you are of legal age and a UK resident, you are eligible for a guaranteed mobile phone contract.

(2). What are the requirements?

- To apply, you need to provide the following requirements: proof of identification, proof of income, billing address and bank details.

(3). Can I still apply even with a history of default or ccj?

- If you have bad credit because of default or cci, you can still apply. In fact, London Phones exists to cater to customers like you. If you’ve been refused a phone contract because of poor credit rating, you came to the right place. Just fill out our application form to avail your guaranteed mobile phone contract.

(4). What are the types of handsets do you carry?

- In partnership with other providers and suppliers in the UK, London Phones is able to offer our customers a wide selection of handset choices including the latest phone releases from leading brands such as Apple, Nokia, Lenovo, HTC, Samsung and LG among other brands.

(5). Do you guarantee 100% approval?

- At London Phones, we pride ourselves for having one of the highest approval ratings in the UK. While we don’t guarantee approval 100% of the time, we promise to help customers make sound decisions and choose the most suitable phone contract to meet individual needs to a tee and thereby ensure fast approval.

(6). Are your services free?

- Yes, our services are completely free. To avail our guaranteed phone contract, all you need to do is fill out our online application at no cost at all. If you decide to cancel your application, you are free to do so provided that you contact us within the given time frame at no extra charges or any fees.

(7). How long do I wait before I receive my handset?

- Once your application is assessed, you can immediate choose your handset and phone bundle. Once your application is approved, we will ship our your handset within 24 hours. It should arrive in your doorstep in 24 to 48 hours. The phone is ready to use.

(8). Will you approve my application within the same day I applied?

- London Phones promises same day approval provided that you meet the requirements and you have the necessary documents ready beforehand.

(9). How do I pay for the fixed monthly fee?

- To pay for your fixed monthly fee, we will set-up an automatic debit deduction arrangement. We will need your debit card details prior to approval to set the repayment up. Make sure your debt account has sufficient balance to cover your fixed monthly dues to avoid incurring extra charges and associated fees.

(10) How long do phone contracts lasts?

- At London Phones, typical phone contracts lasts for 24 months. This means you’ll be paying a fixed monthly fee to cover for your handset and phone bundle’s costs for the next 24 months after approval.